models/services not found

Hi guys,

I’m having a strange issue with a new app i’m working. I have two services and models within my models folder and have injected into my handler like so:

property name=“ProductService” inject;

Very simple, and i’ve done this in several other apps before. For some reason though If I try to dump out variables.ProductService, I get an undefined error. I also have a module configured and tried putting the services/models in the model folder and the same issue occurred. Am I missing a setting or something or going crazy?

Note, this app is not ORM enabled.



Do you have a mapping established to ProductService in your binder

Hi Brett,

I think it was a config issue. I had copied some config files from a previous app and I think that screwed things up. I simplified things by removing Wirebox for now, and DI is working again. Next step, get Wirebox working!