Module i18n

Quick question, I think I am missing something simple.

I want to use resource bundles in a module, but a call to
getResource() from a module view tries to find the translation from
the base include/i18n bundles rather than the ones I've created within
the module. How do I get it to read my module specific resource

I've set this in ModuleConfig.cfc but it still reads from the base

    i18n = {
      defaultResourceBundle = "includes/i18n/main",
      defaultLocale = "en_US",
      localeStorage = "cookie"



Brett i18n specifics for modules is not yet built. In all reality I
never thought of it. So what a great time to submit a feature request.

So please can you list out EVERYTHInG thi new feature should do, how
to set it up, how it should behave an I will create a feature ticket
for it.

Thanks Luis, I'll start putting my notes together.


How/where do we submit a feature request or open a ticket/issue?


Right here, we discuss it and then I can create a ticket for it.
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