Module is not valid error even though it is listed as a module

Getting a strange error on ColdBox 7.2.1+13 in production (on ACF CommandBox).

I have a custom auth module in the modules_app directory. It appears to work fine but sometimes I get these errors:


Invalid Module Event Called: auth:logout. The module: auth is not valid. Valid Modules are: HTMLHelper,awscfml,cbjavaloader,cbi18n,download,jwtcfml,fuseguard,paper,cbsecurity,formula,cbstorages,sentry,qb,cbauth,funclinenums,cbmessagebox,cbmarkdown,cbcsrf,auth,cbemoji,registration,cbvalidation,cbpaginator

As you can see it says: The module: auth is not valid
But then the really confusing part is in the list of valid modules I can see auth is in there.


It’s not related to deploys as get it even when the app was deployed days ago.

Any ideas?