Module model referring to Parent application model

Hi there,

I've searched the group archive but I must be using the wrong
terminology as I can't find anything relating to this.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have a ORM entity in a module refer
(via a many-to-one relationship) to an ORM entity in the parent
And if so .. how do I map or import the entity from the parent into
the module?


I don’t see why not Steve. That is more of a ColdFusion question than a ColdBox one.

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You're probably right however in a regular coldfusion application I
wouldn't have the problem.
I can (and have) mapped module services to they can be used in the
parent application but was wondering whether it's even possible to
have something like this:

Parent App
- model.Parent

- model.Child - with many-to-one relationship to Parent

Coldfusion can't find model.Parent from within [module.]model.Child

So please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a coldbox thing?

I'm probably missing something simple - this is often the case since
I'm a sole developer here.

Aha! In writing that response something came to me.

I changed the name of the model folder in the module - and pointed to
it using the conventions struct - and tah dah the Child object can
find model.Parent

I just needed to reframe the question to find my own answer - thanks
for the push-back