module onLoad issue

see this in docs for a module's config:

function onLoad(){
  // Register some tables in my database and activate some features
  controller.getModel('MyModuleService').activate();'Module #this.title# loaded correctly');

getModel is not avail in controller.

i need access to the model or need to announce a custom interception

You need to ask wirebox for the object.

Controller.getwirebox().get instance

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function onLoad(){

dumps an empty string.

Ahh you are using the IOC adapter right? Any reason of why you are using the adapter instead of model integration?

uses IOC & model.

this project was built using coldspring and im incorporating ORM (to
eventually phase out coldspring).

Ok, well, if you are using the ioc plugin, you need to talk to it then.


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when i completely remove the IOC, i'll revisit this piece.

thanks, luis.