Module Packages

I'm curious if there is any plans to support modules that live in sub
directories of the module directory?

For example I would like to have:


The code in ModuleService only process the first level child folders
of the module directory and does not do a deep search. Seems like
this might be better re-factored to search for ModuleConfig.cfc in all
sub directories of the module folder and then register each folder as
a module that includes ModuleConfig.cfc

The dependency check for ModuleConfig.cfc is already in




There is a modulesExternalLocation setting in the works that will take
an array of locations for you to store modules in. This will allow you
to do what you suggested. IMHO, the deep search for modules would be
costly from a framework startup standpoint.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

Thanks Curt, I'll take a look at that setting.

Yeah would be interesting to see what the cost of doing a recursive
directoryList() would be compared to the current fileExists() check
for each module.