Module Routes / Help

Hi there, Can any one help me out?

I have this routes in a module, but the only that works is 'index'
all the rest "return a page not found"

• I havent set an entryPoint
• I have not set any addModuleRoutes() in routes.cfm
• Rental module is included in coldbox.cfc

{pattern="/", handler="Rental",action="index"},
{pattern="/rental", handler="Rental",action="welcome"},
{pattern="/rental/selected", handler="Rental",action="selected"},
{pattern="/rental/search", handler="Rental",action="search"},
{pattern="/rental/sitemap", handler="Rental",action="sitemap"}

Thank you guys

You need to switch your order.

The more specific the route, the earlier it should be, the less specific, the later it should be.

Put the {pattern="/", handler="Rental",action="index"}, {pattern="/rental", handler="Rental",action="welcome"}, last in your list.

Hope that helps,
Curt Gratz

Thank you Curt,

But I don’t think that is the issue here, if you look into forgebox, you’ll see that the order is practically the same as mine, let me dig more into it,
Thank you again, and if some one else can jump into this and help me out. I’ll be very grateful.

Thank you again