Module Settings and Conventions

Luis & Team,

I have the need to dynamically change the module conventions for a current module, I can see that there is a getModuleSettings(‘module’) however I do not see a way to set the convention or change it.

Is this possible or do I need to do some other magic to do this?


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Luis, that doesn’t answer my question!

Dynamically is what I am asking for.


Well don’t know how since the config is read and registered so it can activate it. Not sure if possible

Well it is but its long winded…

I used to do this before modules back in the very old days

controller.setSetting(‘ViewsExternalLocation’, ‘/#instance.skinPath#/#instance.skinName#/Views’);

And was looking for something similar, the only solution I could come up with was

var modules = getSetting(“modules”);
modules[‘myModule’].conventions.layoutsLocation = ‘skins/layouts’;
setSetting(‘modules’, modules);