Mortgage module

I’m trying to create a mortgage module.

The module simply create a widget to display a form, on form submit the module create a mortgage plan and display it on a page.

I have create the widget to show the form. Now how can I process the form data? I should use interceptor preprocess?

How can I display the mortgage plan on the frontend?

There are as many ways to do this as there are right answers :slight_smile:

Are you making a widget that just returns HTML that’s output into the page, or a handler/view that you will render in the layout, etc?

Do you want to submit to a dedicated handler? You can also just do some sort of Ajax call, but that would still require a event of some kind to call. You could register an interceptor that listens every page request to see if the form was submitted, but it might depend on where you want to take the user after they’ve submitted the form.



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I want the user after form submit will be on I have a module that simply has two widget, one to display the form and one to display the mortgage plan. I will upload a first release on forgebox soon, so you better help me.

Thanks Brad!