It’s possible to run one contentbox install to serve multiple sites?

Something like wordpress multisite or mura? is there any module to make it possible? any plan to add in future?

Hi Francesco–

Multi-site support is definitely something we are working on for ContentBox 2, along with a lot of other goodies :slight_smile:

Hi Joel,

I need the same features as wordpress multisite. What I’d like is:

  • create a network of sites, with one install.

  • share same module between all sites

  • share same widget between all sites

  • share same layout between all sites with some customization (for example would be great have one theme to use on all sites but with the ability to customize some setting like header background to give each site different user interface but with one template)

  • all sites should have some custom settings for example I’d like to show comment form on a site but not on others

I’m brand new to contentbox, however this project have great potential. I’d like to switch my blog network based on wordpress to contentbox.

However actually contentbox is on 1.6, do you have any idea when 2.0 will be available?

2.0 is currently under development, we plan an alpha release by March and a beta or final by May. However, maybe things are sped up if development goes well.


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