MXUnit and WireBox

Sorry for all the posts, but I feel like I’m close to a working testing environment…

Anyway, I have an DI property in a handler that is working fine when accessing the application normally. However, when I try to use mxunit to test the handler, the DI fails.

Here’s the error message:

coldfusion.runtime.CustomException: The DSL Definition {JAVACAST={null},NAME={securityService},DSL={},REQUIRED={false},SCOPE={variables},VALUE={null},REF={null}} did not produce any resulting dependency

Anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this??

I’m including my test below.

Thanks in advance!

component extends=“coldbox.system.testing.BaseTestCase” appMapping="/" {


  • You can remove this setup method if you do not have anything to setup


void function setup(){

//Call the super setup method to setup the app.


// Your own setup here if needed


function listCompanyLogsByDateRange(){

var event = “”;

//Place any variables on the form or URL scope to test the handler.

var startDay = createDate(2011,1,1);

var endDay = createDate(2011,9,1);

URL.startDate = startDay;

URL.endDate = endDay;

event = super.execute(“services.commuteLog.listCompanyLogsByDateRange”);

//Do your asserts below