My experience with the ColdBox framework

I want to commend Luis and the team on the elegance of ColdBox, based upon my recent experience.

I have worked with ColdFusion since it first released as part of the O’Reilly WebSite Pro product. I have, in the past, been extremely frustrated with many of the frameworks due to several issues, including:

· Poor or incomplete design

· Errors or exposure to security vulnerabilities

· Poor or total lack of documentation

Recently, we were contracted to rewrite an Extranet B2B application for a VIP client. The existing system, though done in ColdFusion was a mess of spaghetti code, poor logic and a non-normalized database.

Having recently started exploring ColdBox, along with several other frameworks, the decision was made to rewrite the application in CB. Originally, the project was started in CB 3 (early release) and some issues were experienced, which led us to downgrade to CB 2.6. Regardless, the experience was amazing and we were able to deliver a very robust application, on time (2 months) and on budget.

The documentation was exemplary. Almost every facet of the framework was fully explained and the code samples actually worked, which in many environments is not the case. However, the fact that the team actually made documentation a priority is something that I have found severely lacking in many programming environments, and I applaud Luis and the team for not only doing things right, but for doing the right things!

Great job to all, and I look forward now to diving into CB 3.0 with both feet!

Kevin S. Anderson | President

Superlative Solutions, Inc.

Congrats on your launch!

Congrats and thank you for your kind words. We would love to host case study here: for your company and project. I have attached a case study questionnaire. Thanks!!

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Poor or total lack of documentation

^^^ this x 1000

<3 coldbox