need to make sure on something...

I’m assuming the following is a true statement, but I want to make sure:

When an event is called privately from within a viewlet via the ‘runEvent’ method, all registered interceptors will execute at their interception points just as if the event was called in a normal method. ADDITIONALLY, this still remains true EVEN IF the viewlet was rendered from within a handler method via the “render” plugin.

Thanks in advance.

Doug :0)

Hi Doug, partially true.

When you execute anything using runEvent() within an event execution, this can be pubic or private, the following will execute:

1- RunEvent(event) it can be public or private
2- preEvent interceptors will fire
3- preHandler will fire (if it exists)
4- chosen event will fire
5- postHandler will fire (if it exists)
6- postEvent interceptors will fire.

That is the thread of execution of internal runEvent() methods.