New ContentBox Install Fails

I am still unable to install contentbox using the wizard, following the instructions. I have the newest commandbox installed. I installed contentbox and have tried both the latest v5 and the bleeding edge version 6. I have tried both MySQL and MS SQL server. Using windows 11. Tried the included server (Lucee) and install to folder and use windows installed lucee. with contentbox CB V5 I got tables populated. With CB V6 I don’t get tables and get the ORM error. I am about to give up. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @Joseph_Higgins

Sorry to hear about your issues. There are always 1000 variables here to digest in order to help you.

Can you give me the output of the contentbox install-wizard or contentbox install command?
I also need the version of CommandBox you are using and the version of the contentbox-cli you are using

Let’s start there