New Express install on Ubuntu. Font issue??

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get the express install up and running on an ubuntu 12.04.2 setup as an apache server.

The install seemed to work fine but when I try and login to the admin…or try to go to some other basic pages I get errors about No fonts found.

Here is an example…

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: java.lang.Error : 0

Error Messages: Probable fatal error:No fonts found.

ID: ??
LINE: 55
Template: /cbox/www/ROOT/modules/contentbox/plugins/Captcha.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 35
Template: /cbox/www/ROOT/modules/contentbox/widgets/CommentForm.cfc

I googled around a bit and tried a couple things like installing the msttcore fonts.
But before I started to get really crazy I wanted to see if anybody has ever had this issue before.
I’m obviously not a webserver or java guy so I’m hoping that it’s something simple.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

–Joel Wilson

FYI I got this working.
Apparently this was an issue with the openJDK.
I just needed to install some fonts.

sudo apt-get install ttf-dejavu
and things seem to be working fine.