New install - Error message after DSN

I’ve setup Adobe CF18 along with ContentBox, started the setup, I was able to select the pre-configured DSN from the CF admin, it verifies it, then I get the following error:
Unable to create requested service [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.env.spi.JdbcEnvironment]

I’m setting this up with an Azure VM and Azure SQL and the CF admin makes a connection successfully, but this error seems to revolve around MySQL. Any insight into what is going on and how to correct it?


I think this is a dialect issue. You will have to set the appropriate dialect for the database that you are using in the Application.cfc

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Also, try downgrading to MySQL 5.1 in Lucee extensions in the Lucee Admin

Thanks, Luis. That seems to have gotten me further along, however, I'm now
getting additional messages looking like CB can't find all of the needed
items in ACF. Attached is a PDF with the errors.

Is there any additional documentation on getting this setup correctly with


CB Install Error.pdf (2.81 MB)

Hi, Luis.

Did you see the PDF I attached? Any thoughts on what those errors are
related to? I'd really like to get this resolved, so we can evaluate this
product. Any help is greatly appreciated!


That is claiming a core coldbox file doesn't exist, verify that the file
exists first. If not, I would suggest you patch ACF to the latest patch in
2018. The early versions of 2018 where extremely buggy and contained
regressions which made any ColdBox app fail.

Thanks, Luis.

I got everything installed and working, sort of. After the installation the
site comes up with "My first entry", but everything on the site that can be
clicked ends up with a 404. The same is true when trying to access the CB
admin, ends up with 404. The errors are for physical paths that don't exist
(f:\CBox\cbadmin & \blog and any other subfolder) - f:\CBox is the root of
our installation, so if 'cbadmin' & '\blog', etc. were supposed to be
created by the installer, it didn't happen.

Is there a way to reinstall these items? Or is it a matter of starting from
scratch to get this going?


Those paths are SES URLs, not actual folders. If they are all 404s then you probably don’t have URL rewrites setup in your web server.

Thanks, Brad.

I'm going on what the error shows me for the physical path:
[image: CBError.png]

I did select rewrites during the setup, is there something else that I need
to perform on IIS for the rewrites to work?


That physical path is simply where IIS THINKS the folder should be. But of course, it only thinks that because rewrites aren’t in place! A path like

is supposed to be rewritten to

which causes it to be a CF request proceseed by the framework.

Yes, adding rewrites is a manual step when using IIS. I think the CMS creates a web.config file but you still must have the rewrite module active per the docs:

is there a particular reason for using windows?

From the looks of it the jar file is probably the culprit.