New installation - couple of errors

I have just installed ContentBox on Lucee 5.3 and am hitting a few errors
Have I missed a step on installation?

ContentBox Core
(Codename: Psalm 144:1) v.4.1.0+672
ContentBox Admin v.4.1.0+672
ContentBox UI v.4.1.0+672
ColdBox Platform v.5.1.4+741

We have version 4.2 out now, and Coldbox 5.2.x is out, 5.3 is coming next week.
Use commandbox and do a outdated command to see what could be updated.

I think some of these were fixed in 4.2
Please try and let us know.


You are on an old version of everything. How did you install it?

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`wget’: wget -O

$ box outdated

Resolving Dependencies, please wait…

  • coldbox (5.1.4+741) -> forgebox version: (5.3.0+837)

* coldbox is Outdated

Found (1) Outdated Dependency

* coldbox (5.1.4+741) ─> new version: 5.3.0+837

Run the ‘update’ command to update all the outdated dependencies to their latest version.

Or use ‘update {slug}’ to update a specific dependency

$ box update

$ box outdated

Resolving Dependencies, please wait…

  • coldbox (5.3.0+837) -> forgebox version: (5.3.0+837)

There are no outdated dependencies!

contentbox was not updated

ModuleVersionContentBox Core
(Codename: Psalm 144:1)v.4.1.0+672

ContentBox Adminv.4.1.0+672

ContentBox UIv.4.1.0+672

ColdBox Platformv.5.3.0+837

Check for updates returns error
Error retrieving update information, please try again later.
Diagnostics: key [LATESTVERSION] doesn’t exist (existing keys:boxJSON,isActive,version,entryVersionID,createdDate,updatedDate,isStable,downloadURL) lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: key [LATESTVERSION] doesn’t exist (existing keys:boxJSON,isActive,version,entryVersionID,createdDate,updatedDate,isStable,downloadURL)

$ box update coldbox

Resolving Dependencies, please wait…

  • coldbox (5.3.0+837) -> forgebox version: (5.3.0+837)

There are no outdated dependencies!

$ box update contentbox

Resolving Dependencies, please wait…

There are no outdated dependencies!

do I need to install contentbox in a different way for commandbox to recognise it?

$ box list

Dependency Hierarchy for ContentBox Modular CMS Site (4.1.0)

├─┬ coldbox (5.3.0+837)

│ └── testbox ()

├── testbox ()

└── contentbox ()

looks like this has done something

$ box install contentbox --force

but this doesnt look quite right


Module Version

ContentBox Core
(Codename: Psalm 144:1) v.4.2.1+716
ContentBox Admin v.
ContentBox UI v.
ColdBox Platform v.5.3.0+837

still getting same errors on initial issues

run these commands twice, but still getting same outdated

$ box outdated

Found (4) Outdated Dependencies

* bcrypt (2.5.0-snapshot) ─> new version: 2.5.0+25

* cbfeeds (1.2.0-snapshot) ─> new version: 1.2.0+19

* cbemoji (1.1.0-snapshot) ─> new version: 1.1.0+11

* cbantisamy (1.3.1-snapshot) ─> new version: 1.3.1+13

$ box update

Found (4) Outdated Dependencies

* cbantisamy (^1.3.1) ─> new version: 1.3.1+13

* bcrypt (^2.5.0) ─> new version: 2.5.0+25

* cbemoji (^1.0.1) ─> new version: 1.1.0+11

* cbfeeds (^1.1.0) ─> new version: 1.2.0+19

Would you like to update the dependencies? (yes/no) : yes