New Installer is now available!

Sweet! Can’t wait to give it a spin.


Here is a video for it:


Looks much better. Thanks for the great work.

The only issue that I had is the captcha on comments.

It probably generates images but the path for image looks not right.

My installation is on http://localhost/contentbox

and It looks something like that.


Just FYI.

Thanks again.


PS: I am on MacOSX 10.7.2 / MySSQL 5.5.x / ACF

Another error while creating a page.

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: ORMService.MaybeInvalidParamCaseException : [N/A]

Error Messages: A null pointer exception occurred when running the count
The most likely reason is that the keys in the passed in structure need to be case sensitive. Passed Keys=PAGE

coldfusion.runtime.CustomException: A null pointer exception occurred when running the count
	at coldfusion.tagext.lang.ThrowTag.doStartTag(
	at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._emptyTcfTag(
	at cfBaseORMService2ecfc915464819$funcCOUNTWHERE.runFunction(/domains/localhost/web/coldbox/system/orm/hibernate/BaseORMService.cfc:791)
	at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod.invoke(
	at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod$ReturnTypeFilter.invoke(
	at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod$ArgumentCollectionFilter.invoke(
	at coldfusion.filter.FunctionAccessFilter.invoke(
	at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod.runFilterChain(
	at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod.invoke(
	at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._invokeUDF(
	at coldfusion.runtime.SuperScope.invoke(
	at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._invoke(
	at cfVirtualEntityService2ecfc850044124$funcCOUNTWHERE.runFunction(/domains/localhost/web/coldbox/system/orm/hibernate/VirtualEntityService.cfc:133)



Oğuz that is using cf’s captcha so it
Goes to that weird URL. Nothing I can do about it unless I do captchas manually which is a pain

Ok just creating any page?