New Installer is now available!

Ok, the reason I asked was because the JRun connector for IIS has a “verify file exist” setting that will force a web server 404 instead of a CF 404 but it screws up stuff that depends on the “special” servlet mappings.

That being said, I just noticed the path to the file is a .png. The special paths use by cfimage and cfchart, etc, usually have .cfm in them somewhere to trip the JRun connector. Otherwise, Apache/IIS would try an serve the file themselves and not even bother CF. I’m on CF8 still. Perhaps some of the “newer” versions of CF have special accomodations for those mappings in the web server connector. :slight_smile:


All on MacOSX 10.7.2, Apache which is coming default by MacOS.

ACF is configured with apache and I am calling as http://localhost/contentbox

As we assume image is created by CF, but I am not sure about the path to the image. I am at work now and no way to check the code here.

I hope it is clear now.


Just an FYI, I gave the install a spin on Windows with MS SQL, works like a champ!

Awesome. I have committed tons of stuff tonight an will finalize it on Monday.

Basically ContentBox now has roles and granular permissions for authors. You will now be able to create and manage author roles and permissions.

The permissions can be used anywhere in ContentBox and user created modules too.

I will be adding security for what I believe should be secured. However I would love your feedback on what permissions to create according to what we currently offer. Once we define them I will update the installer.

Also, what are your thoughts on creating the datasource for users?