Newbie: component [coldbox.system.plugins.beanFactory] has no functions accessible from Error Message

Hi there,

I am a ColdBox Newbie (my colleague who is responsible is on vacation)
and sorry for these stupid questions... I had a running CB website and
now I get the error message that:

"component [coldbox.system.plugins.beanFactory] has no functions
accessible from"

The Error Occurred in
interceptors/autowire.cfc: line 139

    137: annotationCheck=true,
    138: onDICompleteUDF=getProperty('completeDIMethodName'),
    139: debugMode=getProperty('debugMode'));
    140: }
    141: </cfscript>

It seems that it gets an total error and wants to call the error
template, which doesn't work. To Reinit the Website doesn't work
too... same error message.

What's wrong so far, how can I get it running again?