No matching Method/Function for GETLOGGER() in email plugin

Hi All,

I am using the email plugin in version 3.0 and I am getting the
following error:

No matching Method/Function for GETLOGGER()

I have logbox defined in my coldbox config, and when I look at the log
files it seems to working.

So what is going wrong here?

No matching Method/Function for GETLOGGER();


/var/www/frameworks/coldbox3/system/plugins/MailService.cfc (95)

Hope you can help!


Do you have the latest version? My line 95 in that file is “”.

Although I do see a getLogger() reference on line 95 in a past SVN revision.

  • Gabriel

Hi Gabriel,

Apparantly I was not using the latest beta! I have upgraded now and it works as expected!