[No version] Easy install standalone app

Semi off topic, maybe, but I was wondering if between CommandBox and general community knowledge folks had any thoughts on how to best create a standalone desktop top running on Lucee.

Ideally it would be:
- Single file installer including both Lucee and the app
- Mac and Windows, separate installers ok
- Zero CF knowledge required to get up and running, i.e., not a developer audience

Ideas on how to do this?


Hi Dave, CommandBox should be well suited for this, especially since you can customize the system tray icon and menus just for your app (or hide entirely). If you need the actual files CommandBox uses to be self-contained a custom commandbox home can be specified as well to keep the files on a thumb drive, etc.

You might want to see if you can reach Anant, who presented at cf.Objective() on running stand alone site with CommandBox. I believe he distributed the code, box binary, and then had some program that turned a batch script into an EXE, though I’m not sure if he was able to bundle the actual box binary and code as part of the exe or not.

I’ve admittedly never done this myself, but I know all the pieces are there. It would basically come down to being able to ship and unpack:

  1. the CFML code
  2. the box binary
  3. A server.json in your code that details how the server should be started
  4. a shortcut/binary/batch file that starts the server.



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Thanks Brad, sounds like exactly what I'm after. I'll try to track him down.

This peeked my interest so I looked into it.

Appears to be available here:


Yes, found that too, will investigate.

Thanks to all for the pointers.