Not sure what to do now

So this happened and now I can’t do anything. It does not appear I have any consoles open. Message is saying otherwise.

Danny, since you’re on Windows, if you look at Task Manager, you may find other box.exe processes running. If so, while you could of course try killing those tasks, there are other ways you could find them as well, such as box server list or using the status tray icon for Commandbox that you may see.

But again, if somehow you don’t find that status tray icon or the server list doesn’t find anything, consider at least looking at Task Manager to see if somehow Windows shows a process still running despite not seeing them these other ways.

And of course, those with more experience might have still other solutions or perhaps explanations.

Please don’t cross post the same question in two threads. I already addressed that error message in this thread:

FWIW, I wasn’t aware that his message was a cross-post. I got an email notification of the question, saw no one had answered it yet, so offered what I could. (I don’t follow every thread so didn’t realize this was a spawn from another.)

So Brad, I realize you’re speaking here to him not to cross post, but for the sake of any future readers who may find this thread on its own (like I did), could you take a moment to confirm if what I said was a reasonable answer for the question alone? Or would you think anything about it it doesn’t make sense, as this stands on its own?

As always, just trying to help.

Your answer made sense. When jars are locked on Windows, you basically need to look at any scenario which could lead to the file system locking the file.

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I didn’t realize posting the same question in two threads was a violation of rules here?

Is it in actuality a violation?

The rationale behind doing it was that it bringing attention to a specific sub issue as opposed to the overall issue I was having. I find that sometimes focusing on a sub issue and highlighting it makes it easier for some people not having to trawl through a whole thread.

So in my mind its not a double post.

Its interesting that no one said anything about it until there was a response.

Yes, actually. See bullet #2 in the Keep It Tidy section here FAQ - Ortus Solutions Community

“Violation” is a bit of a strong word however, it’s also just common sense and courtesy. For people following the forums and trying to help, when the conversations get splintered into multiple places and then some people are replying in one thread and others in a separate thread, it gets hard to help people. No one is upset with you, I just wanted to help let you know what was the most appropriate and efficient way to use public support forums.

Yes, this is a great reason to create separate topics for separate questions. But the point still remains that a question should be asked once. In the event you’ve already asked a question on an existing thread and then later think perhaps it should have been its own topic you have two better options.

  • Delete the original post if no one has replied yet and then create it again as a new topic
  • Ping a moderator like myself and there is a feature of Discourse where I can take any messages from one topic and break them into a new topic, preserving all the comments that went together.

One thing I can tell you with certainty is posting a question more than once will not make it more likely to be answered. Even cross posting on facebook, Slack, or discourse won’t likely help-- at least not with me. I’m on literally every known public CFML social media channel including Twitter (keyword based), LinkedIn, etc so I’m going to see a question regardless of where it’s posted and when it gets posted in more than one place, it just makes it more annoying. We also have a Slack integration that notifies us of every comment left here in Discourse, so don’t worry about thinking no one saw your post. If no on has replied yet, it just means we haven’t gotten around to it.

The same question by the same person asked in two places is, by definition, a cross post. It’s not like it needs to be a huge deal, just try to keep all related discussion in the same place and if you need help breaking out a new topic from an existing one, the admins can easily do that for you.

That had nothing to do with it. I would have admonished you for the double post regardless and if you look at the times on the first two replies, you’ll see Charlie and I were replying at the same time. I also provided a link back to your first post of that question so Charlie and others could see the other conversation that was already happening.

Don’t let this discourage-- we’re happy to have you be in the community so do keep asking questions. There’s no such thing as too many topics so feel free to create more than one for unrelated questions.