Ok there is something screwy going on with the URL especially for Admins


I raised this before, and I have no clue how this is happening, but it is happening.

I have been recording the last 2 weeks how many times my session has timed out, and the URL it gets redirected too when someone logs in.

http://www.andyscott.id.au/blog/archives/index.cfm/cbadmin/dashboard : 19
http://www.andyscott.id.au/index.cfm/cbadmin/dashboard : 36
http://www.andyscott.id.au/blog/index.cfm/cbadmin/dashboard : 12
http://www.andyscott.id.au/blog/category/index.cfm/cbadmin/dashboard : 3

and about 7 other URL’s

It has something to do with the setBaseURL and the getBaseURL, I have no idea why at this stage but it appears that when it asks you to log in, the baseURL has any one of these combinations in it.

Luis, seriously there is something going on here and I can’t be the only one who is getting this. I am seeing this on ColdFusion 9.02 and ColdFusion 10.0.7