Olde CFWheels Installe Successe

Am looking at this on my screen:


This is running from a boxlang:miniserver container.

So that’s a slight win.

Why such an old unsupported CFWheels version as 1.4.6? It’s the version we’re on at work, so the only one I care about working :smiley:

I had to work around… ten BoxLang bugs to get it working (and found another 4 whilst working around them). And some of my work-arounds are not production ready, they just bypassed a bug sufficiently to get to the next one (if you see what I mean).

Is there a point, perhaps, in having a label in Jira to mark cfwheels-compat issues or something? Despite 1.4.6 being a creaky-old unsupported version of wheels, most of what I had to fix will still be the same in 2.2.x or whatever the current supported version is.

I’m now gonna commence seeing what happens when I try to run our actual app on it. I’ve already raised a coupla bugs that I encountered in our own code. But it’s 6pm on a Fri, so I don’t think I’ll make much/any headway with that this evening now :wink: