OpenJDK Version


CommandBox install instructions reference openjdk-11-jdk

Is there a particular reason why you suggest that version vs any of the newer versions?

It looks like they are up to v21



Mostly because that was the latest version at the point when that page in the docs was written and it’s still the most widely-supported version as far as CF engines go. The CF engines Adobe and Lucee have just recently added support for Java 17.

Hi Brad,

Good to know.



Are you sure about Lucee? I too was looking for information on the latest supported java versions.
I only found this ticket and it would seem that support for version 17 will be introduced in Lucee 6.1

@ivan Lucee has “worked” on Java 17 for a few versions now, if you add all the needed opens to the JVM. Lucee doesn’t tend to do a ton of Java testing on their own, depending instead on the community to help report any issues that exist. As such, there isn’t always a well-documented max version that it’s “certified” to run on per se. Usually, if your app runs on it, well then it works. if not, put in a ticket and they’ll look at it.

I’m not entirely sure why that ticket is marked as a Lucee 6.x version-- I’ve been testing Lucee locally on up to Java 20 which good success. I know Zac had put some effort into testing as well.

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