ORM Bug or me?

below I have a many-to-many relationship. however when I add records
to the linking table via ORM it lets me add duplicated keys when I
should get an error, but I don't!

my user entity...

component output="false" persistent="true" {

       property name="user_id" column="user_id" type="numeric"
ormtype="int" fieldtype="id" generator="increment";
     property name="user_name" column="user_name" type="string"
length="120" ormtype="string";
     /* link table */
     property name="monsters" fieldtype="many-to-many" CFC="monsters"
FKColumn="user_id" singularname="monsters"
     inversejoincolumn="monster_id" linktable="monstersCollected";

        users function init() output=false{
                return this;


Hi Gyln,

When creating many-to-many with link-table and no duplicate record
then you have to compose link-table with composite primary key

HERE is simple CFC based solution. Orm will generate a link-table
with composite primary key.
component entityname="UserMonster" persistent="true" accessors="true"
    property name="Users"

    property name="monsters"

After this then each entity should know about each other ... like this

user = new or get
monster = new or get


Thats it, hibernate know what to with this .... Hope this will help


Hi Sana,

It does, but ORM creates this link table for me from
linktable="monstersCollected" are you saying that I would also create
the entity cfc for link table or that I remove the property from both
these cfcs i.e. users and monsters and create a new cfc linking these
up in your example UserMonster and let that create the relationships
and linktabke.

why do I see examples only using


whats the difference?



so just played about with this and yes it working perfectly how I want
it. :0 Thanks!


Good to hear that its working for you now :slight_smile: