ORM errors in cbadmin

I am trying to create a new user and got the following error.

{"data":"","errorcode":0,"messages":["General application error: Not an entity [class coldfusion.orm.PersistentTemplateProxy]"],"error":true}

It is happening while creating a role also.

I am using ContentBox 4.x and SQL server.

Which CFML engine? What ORM Dialect did you choose in Application.cfc

CF2018 and MSSQLSERVER I have added in dialect.

I think this is a bug with ACF 2018 if I remember correctly. Can you do me a favor, I need the steps you took in order for me to replicate.

Nothing much Luis.

  1. Open CB admin
  2. Users -> Create user ->fill the form ->click on submit button.

Got the error.

Hi Vijay K,

this is just an idea, because I had similar issues with MariaDB:

Can you add this code for a moment, right into the beginning of the onRequestStart function of coldbox Application.cfc (this should be in line 91) and load a page to show a dump of the dialect set to your datasource? That should work on CF2018.

ObjORM=ORMGetSession( “put_name_of_your_datasource_here” );

WriteDump( ObjORM.getSessionFactory().getJdbcServices().getDialect());

it will dump the selected dialect, just to make sure the one that has been defined by you in the Application.cfc is correct. When hibernate can’t find a dialect you have set, it may decide to guess one.

What I’ve read is, that in CF you can specify dialects with the fully qualified class name. Don’t know the hibernate version CF2018 use, but here is a list of 5.0:

That means, you could try setting:

NOTE: Somehow CF2018 stores the orm datasource dialect. When changing the dialect, you’ll need to restart the engine.

Just a try and idea, don’t know it this is really a help.

Good luck!