ORM Relationship Documentation

I've looked all over the CB docs and this group looking for my answer
and I've found "some" of it, but would like a more complete answer, so
here goes.

Can someone point me to the documentation page(s) where I can find a
COMPLETE listing of all the proper syntax for relationship building in
my models?

I found this in the sample coldbox app on git

property name="Post" cfc="model.entries.Entry" fieldtype="many-to-one"

but what I'm really looking for is all the possibilities for fieldtype
and if there are other attributes for property like fkcolumn (that I
may need to know about or will come in handy if I do know about them),
and if so, what are they?
Just looking for some complete documentation on how relationships work
and the syntax in order to make them work.
(btw...to understand my mindset, I come from a RoR world (for the last
18 months) but I have almost 10 yrs in CF so I love Coldbox so far,
the 2 wks I've been using it).


I’d highly recommend that you get comfortable with ORM as it works in Coldfusion 9 without Coldbox. Then I’d dive in to see how coldbox helps with some of the ORM stuff.


For example, here’s the page about creating relationships but it’s important to understand that it’s the engine that’s giving you this functionality and not the CB framework.


  • Gabriel

And THAT is the kind of direction I needed.
Thanks so much Gabriel.