[OT] Build output and Git, newb questions

Apologies for the off topic thread, I just have a lot of respect for the folks here, and I’m looking for ideas.

I have a long-running personal project that generates a roughly 450k web-based installer as part of its build output. The project has been managed on SVN, but I’m working towards moving it to GitHub. I’m very new to Git (amazing after all these years as a dev…), so maybe all this is super obvious, hopefully so…

Here’s the thing:

It’s my understanding that having large files in Git is a bad idea, particularly if they change much, so I’m wondering what my alternatives are.

Git LFS seems like the intended solution.

  • I know a little about it, but I’m not really clear on why it helps, if it’s still synced to the repo.
  • I’m also not sure if enabling it means I can just push and build like normal and will handle itself, or if I need to manually update that one file. I plan to use the built-in Git tools in IDEA for this project, like I’ve done with its SVN tools.

What do you all use for things like this? That build output is an important artifact. It’s how the app gets distributed, and I do want to have track of current and past versions, not to diff them or anything, but as the “one source of truth” about a release, and to potentially install and compare if need be.

I could just back it up with other stuff, and/or put it on dropbox etc. That feels kind of weird to me though, since it’s completely disconnected from source control and the original code that produced it.

Other thoughts?

Thanks again for any ideas.

I would recommend asking this on the cf slack as there is some more general talk and help there. Also some people may need more info to answer this question. My guess is you don’t actually want to put your build in GitHub but as a release. But we can continue this discussion more in the slack.

i agree Github “releases” are a perfect place to put build binaries.

Thanks Lonnie and Brad for the poke about GitHub releases, duh, makes perfect sense.

Will investigate.