"Package html is not found in repository"

Attempting to install pdf, html, document & spreadsheet packages via terminal window.
All installed ok except for the html package.

“The package html is not found in the repository.”

I can’t figure out how to get the html package into the repository.
I’m a newbie.
I did search before asking, but didn’t find an answer.

Thanks for any help!

Can you post a bit more info here?

  • What packages are you trying to install? I have no idea what the “html package” is.
  • What command are you running?
  • Where did you search?

I’m guessing (totally guessing, because there’s very little details here) you need to be reading the CommandBox Package Installation documentation, but without knowing more of what you’re trying to do, it’s just a guess.

I’m currently taking the Adobe ColdFusion Certification online class.
One of the projects includes installing the packages html, pdf, spreadsheet and document packages. Just like the Derby package isn’t installed by default, neither are these.
I have no idea what the html package does either. But the pdf package is needed to produce pdf’s, obviously.

To install a package, open a new terminal window, type:
cfpm install “name of package”

ALL packages except the html package installed without issue.

The error message says: “The package html is not found in the repository.”

While the Adobe video literally shows how to install it, they don’t say what to do if it glitches.

Where did I search?
The Internet…this site and any hits that came up having to do with ColdBox / ColdFusion and installation of packages.

Run box cfpm listall which will tell you all of the packages available in Adobe’s repo

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Relevant packages installed:

The “document”, “spreadsheet” and “pdf” packages are installed.

But there is no just “html” package

I see the “htmltopdf” package but not “html” as requested per the Adobe CF Video.

Can you post the video link?

Ooops… :grimacing:

I went back to the video, Chapter 14/14_01…

I confess, my mistake!
He said “htmltopdf” package.

Sorry about that. I could have sworn he said “html” package. :face_with_peeking_eye: