Paging Plugin

How does one go about overriding this so that I can use mine instead of ContentBoxes?

Mine is far better looking, sorry Luis…

Share it then! :wink:

Still doesn’t answer my question :slight_smile:

And I did months ago…

Contribute it or send us the styles.

The plugin uses styles do just style it

Its not just about the styles Luis, there is more functionality in the pagination that I use that you don’t offer. So my question still remains, how do I use my pagination plugin instead of the default one used by ContentBox.

For admin or public?

For public

For publi then it is all you my friend as you can create as many themes as you like and how you like them.

Drop your plugin in the layout widgets folder.

Have tried that, but the themes will not use it.

Why not I use it. Use the widget methods

The default themes DO NOT and WILL NOT use the plugin that I need them to use.

Meaning that there is no way I can override the default plugin for paging.

I am not saying use the default themes. Build your own and customize.

And I am asking is there a way to override the paging plugin regardless of themes. That’s all I want to know Luis, if it can’t be done say so. Then I will stop trying to write this module, that I am working on that is not reliant on any particular theme.

Please don’t assume that I want to do this at the theme level, that was not my original question.

And I am answering that you can when you override the theme. Do you want me to write it in Spanish so you can get it.

So iout of the box I wrote the themes to my liking. You cannot override the paging so write your own theme.

Escribí tu propia theme!

Man sometimos you are so awesome in your writing that I just shiver with willingness to help.

In other words you need some people skills training :slight_smile:

So the answer is no, that’s all I needed to hear.

What I am looking at doing is not to do with themes, I am looking at a way for people to replace the pagination with one they may like via a module. The same as I am trying to do the same with the captcha, so that if people would prefer too use reCaptcha instead then they could.

The idea was so that they did not have to modify the themes. And that is why I was asking my question.

Which brings me to another point, how easy is it to add extra functionality to a theme as a complete package? For example Can I package, modules, widgets and themes together as a complete plugin?

At the moment all I can see is each has to be separate.