Passing complex values into a dynamic suite

When using dynamic suites can I pass in a collection of complex objects instead of just an array of strings?

variables.dynamicSuiteConfig = [{var1=“1value”,var2=“2value”,var3=“3value”}];

I have a large number of tests that work great with simple values, but when I try it with a complex value I get " you tried to use a complex value as a simple one".
I thought that the it function data parameter accepted a structure, but something is being forced to a string.

If necessary I can pass in a delimited string and parse it in the test function.

Is this what you are referring to @powertoaster ?Specs - TestBox : Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Yes, it is but the problem that I have is passing in anything other than a string/simple value.
If I try to use a structure array any complex value I get errors.

I will try to post a sample later.