Password Protected Content

Currently password protected pages and entries does not work. They are
hidden from view but if you know the permalink, they can still be

How is this feature intended to work? Should the title/link be visible
but ask for password when link is followed or are they to stay hidden
and only accessed through published links? Regardless, the password
functionality needs implemented. Willing to help once I understand the
intended functionality.

You are on a roll mike. Awesome. Yes this is pending as of now. The idea is to not show them and only reachable via permalinks.

At the page handler check if security and if so redirect to page login much how this works in codex wiki.


I want/need a page password protected, but I want the page to show up in the main menu and/or the sub-pages menu.

A related question, is it possible to require a login to see any pages? For instance, I want my site to be a private site that requires a user to register for a username/password before they can see the content.

–Stewart McGuire

Hi Stewart.

For something like this you will have to create an interceptor or module to intercept the calls and log them in. So this will become basic ColdBox to intercept at preProcess and evaluate the page they want to visit and relocate or prompt for passwords as needed.