PDF Addon Service

Hi all,

And by “all” I mean Brad. :slight_smile:

I know a while ago on this forum it was mentioned that the external things (.NET integration, cfhtmltopdf, etc) are a giant pain to package as a WAR and hence are not included by default with “server start cfengine=Adobe@2018”.

I’m running into a spot where I need the cfhtmltopdf to work on a CommandBox install of ACF 2018. Curious if there’s been any progress made on that? Is there info somewhere on how to get cfhtmltopdf working via CommandBox? Or am I better off going another route?


It’s not that it’s a pain to package in a WAR, it’s simply impossible. You can make cfhtmltopdf work however and it’s not even that hard. Simply install the appropriate installer for your OS and the Adobe server should find it so long as it’s on the expected port.

Hi Brad,

That appears to be what was going on. Sadly, I’m on OSX and the AddOn Services for Mac does not include PDF functionality. So unless I’m mistaken (entirely possible) this means that folks running CommandBox on OSX to install CF 2018 won’t be able to use cfhtmltopdf at all. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help!


Dunno… Do the PDF services work when you use a typical Adobe CF installer on Mac? If so, I would assume they have a Mac installer somewhere. Hmm, the Adobe download page says “Windows and Linux only” next to their PDF installer. This sounds like a great conversation to take up with Adobe :slight_smile: CommandBox doesn’t do anything special in this regard. We simply package up Adobe’s WAR deploy and we don’t control what Adobe decides to support within that.