Performance updates

Thanks to Curt Gratz and his ever desire for speed. I have commited our first round of performance updates for ContentBox now that things are starting to get into place.

I have just committed page wrapper caching which is the topmost layer of caching for our content. Our layers look like this:

ORM Caching
Page Content Translation Caching
Page Wrapper Caching

As you can see we have at least 3 layers of caching involved in our schema without counting the transaltion caching which could include other pages, entries, custom HTML, etc.

Our page wraper caching is inspired by coldbox event caching and works very similar but now using a nice AOP aspect in your page handler. In MY load tests, I say again, MY load tests, I saw improvements of 100 times faster than normal rendering times of pages.

so I had an average of 150-200 ms for normal content pages and with page wrapper caching, they drop to 15 to 20 ms. You can disable caching for a page entirely via our editors panel and only NON-comment pages will use our page wrapper caching, as well, comment forms need captcha and the like.

So please check it out, as we are incredibly excited about our first performance update.

Got too excited, 10 times, 10 times, not 100, jejeje