Please test our 2.2.0 release candidate

Hey everyone, I’d like to release CommandBox 2.2.0 for CF Summit next week. There is a lot more I wish we had time to get into it, but what’s there seems pretty stable right now. I just bumped to the latest stable version of Lucee which will also release next Monday as a stable verison of Lucee.

Here is the current 2.2.0 version on our integration server.

Please give it a spin and make sure there are no bugs.

H ere is a list of all the changes in CommandBox 2.2.0



ColdBox Platform Evangelist
Ortus Solutions, Corp

ColdBox Platform:


I really (really!) like the new installation options. All work well, though my only suggestion would be to force a default directory convention for install of files without box.json ( ./vendor perhaps or ./includes/vendor ), rather than installing them all in root.

Since modules all install in the modules directory, it would seem to follow that there would also be a convention for non-modules. install id=jclausen/mygithubrepo directory=mydirectory/mysubdirectory gets a little verbose. Then again, many of those libs assume a root mapping so…

One minor thing:

Running, from inside CommandBox, rm -rf data or run rm -rf data results in:

ERROR: Parameter [force] has a value of [data] which is not of type [boolean].

I understand you can pass the full command string in quotes, but I’d love to be able to run git commands straight-up without quotes, rather than keeping a separate console tab open.

Lastly, you know my thoughts on 256MB being way to small for a default heap size, but that’s changeable.

Really great work to all of of the Commandbox/Coldbox team!