Plugin Caching Problem


I am using the Validator plugin which is in coldbox\system\plugins.

This plugin appears to be cached, and it's creating problems for me.
I made a change to the plugin and maybe I should have looked at
extended the plugin and using it locally in my app, but I made a
chance to the plugin and I'm unclear on how to reload the plugin so it
sees my change without restarting CF.

1. Is there a way to reload the plugin?

2. Should I have created my own Validator.cfc file in the plugins
directory within my app and just extended the core one?



reinit your application
or look in your colbox cache debugging panel, find the plugin, and delete it
or problematically look in the cache for it and expire/delete it.

  • Gabriel
  1. Reinit your application. Fwreinit=1

  2. I would have created my own validator plugin and extended. I try not to touch the core whenever possible. However, now that ColdBox is on git, you can fork the code and use your validator.