Poll: CBWIRE CFCasts.com Series

Poll time!

I’m in the planning stage of developing an ongoing video series for CBWIRE on https://cfcasts.com/. I have several ideas and would like to put it out to the community to vote what you’d like to see most. All series would feature 5-7 minute bit-sized videos posted regularly (probably weekly) until the series is finished.

  • CBWIRE Mastery Series | Series covering nearly all features in detail in order from essentials to advanced. Would include showing in detail how CBWIRE works.
  • CBWIRE Twitter Clone | We build a full-featured Twitter clone from scratch using all major CBWIRE features, including using web sockets (similar to my Jan 2023 webinar but much more detailed and a more complete example)
  • CBWIRE + Alpine.JS | A series that focuses on using the two technologies together but has less detail on CBWIRE than the other series.
  • Something Else

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If you select ‘Something Else’, please comment here what you’d like to see. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks, everyone! I’m looking forward to creating the series in which we will build a Twitter clone together from scratch. Since there were so many votes for the mastery series, I’ll be sure to cover advanced topics regarding CBWIRE along the way.