post install hook

Is there any way to have hooks configured in CommandBox? Most likely this feature exists and I haven’t read far enough to know about it.

I’m wondering if there is some kind of post install hook after commandbox installs a module where it could read the box.json and preform some kind of check to see if there is any additional scripts it needs to run. i.e. add a line to coldbox config, move files to specific directories, etc…

I view it almost like the interceptionPoints in coldbox where the box.json file could run small cf scripts before install & after install depending on what point it intercepts.

Anyways, does this make sense? does it already exists?

Yes, I’ve thought about it, but no it doesn’t exist yet. You can help brainstorm about how it would work.

We’d have to decide if the ‘hook’ would just be a .cfm or a cfc. Honestly, I’d like to get task runners finished (I think we’re sort of aiming for Ant-like builds with targets, etc but implemented programmatically as CFCs like commands are). Then a package could just include a “task” cfc to run and CommandBox could either pick it up by convention or via box.json configuration.




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