Preview Portal - ColdBox 3 Application Scaffold

I wanted to give our community a **very early** look at a new
application scaffold for ColdBox 3 I have been working on:

"Portal is an application scaffold built to accelerate your ColdFusion/
JavaScript development. It includes a JavaScript proxy for your ORM
Entities, a RESTful API that returns JSON and other enhancements to
help accelerate development.

Portal is not a framework. It uses frameworks like the amazing ColdBox
3 framework and jQuery frameworks to bring a better bag of tricks so
you get things done faster. Portal uses ColdFusion 9, ColdBox 3,
jQuery, RequireJS, MXUnit, and parts of the HTML5 Boilerplate

If you are interested in checking out my new scaffold you can get it

This is not a release as I still have lots of work to do to improve
the JavaScript proxy but I would love to get your feedback.