problem with new sidebar

hey all,
  just downloaded the latest release, and i've followed the
instructions for enabling the sidebar. However, I'm getting xml schema
validation errors when I add the sidebar setting into my
config.xml.cfm file. I checked config.xsd and it definitely doesn't
have the sidebar setting in the schema. Interestingly enough, if I put
the setting into my environmentconfig.xml, it works just fine.
However, the documentation has an error. it says to use <Setting
name="ColdBoxSideBar" value="enabled"/> and that didn't turn it on.
Turning the value to "true" did turn it on.

Anyway... am i missing something with respect to putting the setting
in my coldbox.xml.cfm?



Thanks Marc,

Adjusted the docs... good catch! This is why it's not released yet :slight_smile:

Enable SideBar like this:
   <Setting name="ColdBoxSideBar" value="true" />

i got it working by adding it into the environment interceptor xml. my
"main" problem is that when i add it into the main config file in the
Settings section, it errors because the schema hasn't been updated to
reflect this as a valid element. I'd say that something like this
definitely belongs in the main settings section and not the
YourSettings section.

my 2 cents.

and i thought it was released yet... it's part of 2.6.1. am i
missing something?



We know Marc, but didn't implement it yet....prerelease state...

euhm....2.6.1 is released, so it will be part of the next release...

ah, ok. i get it.

thanks Ernst.

Hi Marc,

The sidebar is not part of the settings but of YourSettings, there lies the confusion. It is in your settings, because it is an interceptor and well, the other main settings are reserved for somehting else.

I will look at the docs again, sorry for the inconvenience, but its is YourSettings not the main settings.



I've already adjusted the docs.


Thanks Ersnt