Problems with emails being sent with wrong email address

Ok I have an issue where the below code seems to be not working correctly, and I have no idea why.

The thing to note is that the log contains the right email, but the email is sent with the wrong email for some unknown reason.“Out email : #settings.cb_site_outgoingEmail#”);

var mail = mailservice.newMail(to = email,

from = settings.cb_site_outgoingEmail,

subject = “Test”,

bodyTokens = bodyTokens,

type = “html”,

server = settings.cb_site_mail_server,

username = settings.cb_site_mail_username,

password = settings.cb_site_mail_password,

port = settings.cb_site_mail_smtp,

useTLS = settings.cb_site_mail_tls,

useSSL = settings.cb_site_mail_ssl);

mail.setBody( renderer**.get().renderExternalView(view="/**contentbox/email_templates/test") );

mailService.send( mail );