Production Servers - Error Emails - Best Practices Question

  Is it good practice to have Logbox active while in production?

  I would like my app to send me an email if something goes wrong.

Beta testing will begin tomorrow (or Sat.). But, after beta testing -
when it goes live, I would like it to send me an email if something
goes wrong. I have specific areas that I want to keep an eye on.

Is this a good idea?
Is there a "Best Practice" to handle this.

Note: my app will go live on a cf8 production server. Within the next
month or two it should be on a cf9 production server. On any
production server debug info is limited.

- Russell

I don’t see why not, unless there is something really bad then the emails will flood your inbox. So consider that, if not use something like an uptime monitoring tool and fusion reactor.

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Ok - that's already on the server. It give a lot of data. Like if
any pages had problems and such.

Then I don't really need my app to send emails if there are problems.