proposal for i18n plugin


I making some additional i18n methods, so i need to get the current
locale from the i18n plugin, but there seems to be no way. Or am i
missing something?

The Java locale object has a toString method, that returns the
complete locale code, like en_US, or with a variant behind it like
ja_JP_JP. I need this locale code as this is the unique key to a
certain locale.

I was trying to use getISOCountry, but there is no getISOLanguage
method.. and there is also no way to get the variant from the i18n

To make this plugin a bit better, i would suggest to add a method that
returns the instance.aLocale.toString variable. And to make it a bit
more consistent also a method getISOLanguage that returns
instance.aLocale.getLanguage() . Plus a method that returns the


Sorry guys, this issue became lot less of a problem when i discovered
getFwLocale.. so maybe forget about this.

No problem,

Just submit the methods here and we will add them if they give value to the i18n library.