Question about module activation

I'm trying out the "modules" functionality for the first time and I'm
trying to understand the activation process. Currently I can see in
the traces that my module is loaded/activated (and it appears in the
debug panel fine). When I have a look at its settings, though, using


I get a structure back containing a key called "activated" which is
always false.

I can see that the module can be loaded/unloaded (and when it is
unloaded events within it can not be accessed, as you would expect). I
don't understand what the "activated" key then refers to.

Is this key something that I need to set manually or is it something
set by the framework when a module becomes available?

It was a bug as it should have been turned on once activated. It does now in 3.5

3.5 Luis?

You jumping some numbers, must be some really nice stuff coming then…

@ Luis - Can you share what's coming in 3.5 or at least some key highlights.


All about trimming the fat. Cf 7 compatibility removed, old cache removed, old bean factory removed, no more XML config for framework or apps, performance updates since we now removed over 3 mb of old compatibility code. Tons of reported fixes.

There is not much in terms of new features but mostly it is making the core leaner and meaner.

I can already see some app startup performance updated and also requests since there is no more XML and also no more complicated startup procedures.

After this release we will kick in enhancements.

Cool - thanks, Luis. Looking forward to the new version!