[Quick 5.0.0] Relationship Setters: Why Do Some Relationships Persist Immediately When Others Do Not?

Congrats on the release of Quick 5!

I have been experimenting with different relationship types, and I like that Quick allows setting relationships via setter methods like set & relationshipName. However, I noticed something unexpected where some relationship types persist changes to the database immediately, whereas others do not and wait for the save() method to be called. I am curious if there is some type of reasoning or logic behind why Quick behaves that way, as it feels inconsistent.

Instinctively, I assumed the relationships would be set in the entity first and reside in memory (_relationshipData) until such time that the entity as a whole is saved/persisted, thus separating the persistence layer from the domain layer. However, this is not the case with some relationship types.

Here’s some sample code to further show what I mean:

// User entity

    property name="id";
    property name="firstName";
    property name="lastName";
    property name="userTypeId";

     * User belongs to a userType
    function userType() {
        return belongsTo( "UserType", "userTypeId" );

     * User belongs to many locations
    function locations() {
        return belongsToMany( "Location", "location_user", "userId", "locationId" );


// Users handler snippet
prc.user = getInstance( "User" ).findOrFail( rc.id );
prc.userType = getInstance( "UserType" ).findOrFail( 3 );
prc.locations = getInstance( "Location" ).all();

prc.user.setUserType( prc.userType ); // set relationship: Does not persist yet.
prc.user.setLocations( prc.locations ); // set relationship: Persists immediately - yikes!