quick change to message box

I want to propose a quick change to message box plugin and I wasn’t quite sure where to do it

here i want to pass an array of error messages

normally this takes an array of strings but in my case I have an array of objects. Each object has a message property but this will not work with the message box plugin. One small change to the internal function flattenMessageArray will allow this to work though.

<cfset message = message & "

Nice proposal Dan. However, that is very concrete and some of the core plugins tend to be abstract in case people need more concrete functionality. I think, in this case, you can easily just create your own mb plugin that extends the core and you override the functionality you like.

However, what about we take it further and each of the message items are inspected much how the logbox event works like so:

  • if simple value, just use it
  • if an object, then check for a $toString() method

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I like it!! Nice thinking :wink:

for now I will just create my own plugin, thanks!