Railo, SES Urls and Coldbox

Does anyone have an example (or can provide instructions) on how to do

URL in browser:
-- goes to index.cfm?event=general.test


-- goes to index.cfm?event=pages.test

I want to do *simple* urls. I'm using the built in Railo webserver
right now (just got of CF7, moved to Railo 3.1)

Any rules and/or route I setup like that I would only want it to
essentially default the handler if the there is only one item after
the initial slash. So ....com/test would go to event=general.test,
and .....com/cool would go to event=general.cool. Anything
like .....com/this.test would be index.cfm?event=this.test.

Just for the single item.

Thanks in advance!

- Will B.

I don't think you can do that with the in built webserver. You need
apache with mod rewrite, or iis with a isapi plugin like iirf to get
rid of the Index.cfm. Other that that you need to look at coldbox
courses/routes to create custom urls.

Here is the SES Guide on the ColdBox Wiki which has some good examples for you to get started with:

You need Apache (or some webserver capable of handling URL rewriting).
Here's the virtual host I have for a ColdBox app with simple URLs:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName *******
ServerAlias *******
DocumentRoot /Developer/workspace/project/www

<Directory /Developer/workspace/project/www>
AllowOverride All
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8009/
#ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:8009/

RewriteEngine On
# handle static assets without rewrite:
RewriteRule ^.*\.(bmp|gif|htc|jpe?g|ico|png|css|js|txt|pdf|doc|xls|xml)$ - [L]
# pass site root request thru directly:
RewriteRule ^/?$ ajp://localhost:8009/ [P,L]
# pass test and build requests thru directly:
RewriteRule ^/(build|core|mxunit|NAS|test|tests|railo-context)/(.*)$
ajp://localhost:8009/$1/$2 [P,L]
# pass all .cfm / .cfc requests thru:
RewriteRule ^/(.*\.cf[cm].*)$ ajp://localhost:8009/$1 [P,L]
# pass all others thru as assumed routes:
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ ajp://localhost:8009/index.cfm/$1 [P,L]