Railo3 and HelperUDFs

This weekend, I installed Ubuntu Server on my development workstation
and Railo3. This is my first experience with Railo and I am learning.
So far, I like what I see. Previously, I ran ColdFusion 8 on my
development box with Vista as the operating system.

I did come across a small hiccup when running my application in this
new environment. In the previous environment, my helperUDF looked like


When included in my layout with ColdBox's inludeUDF method, everything
worked as expected. This morning, in the new Railo3 environment, the
function was not found. I had to remove the <cfcomponent> tags from
the helperUDF. In hindsight, it was wrong or me to include the
cfcomponent tags to begin with. But, I thought this was strange that
CF8 never threw and error in the first place and I thought I would
take a moment to share with others.


-Aaron Greenlee


You might want to post this in the Railo group and see if this is expected behavior or not.

I do not know per say.